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What A Licensed and Bonded Contractor Is (Is Pinon Painting One?)

What A Licensed And Bonded Contractor Is (Is Pinon Painting One?)

The Pros Of Working With A Licensed And Bonded Contractor In Prescott, Prescott Valley, And Chino Valley Way Outweigh The Cons Of Not

We’re so thankful you decided to research this question. Working with an unlicensed and unbonded contractor is like having a back-alley surgeon perform an operation on you. In this post, you’ll discover whether or not Pinon Painting is licensed and bonded. You’ll find out what being licensed and bonded as a contractor means. You’ll also find the differences between that and unlicensed and unbonded contractors.

A What And What Contractor?

“A licensed and bonded contractor,” repeats David. Stephanie frowns a bit. “What do those things even mean and what does it have to do with the cost to paint our house exterior? I assume something good, otherwise, you’d be frowning right now too.”

David chuckles. “You’re right about that. Here, one of the painting contractors we’re thinking about hiring sent us some stuff to read. Mostly, frequently asked questions and stuff we need to know before moving forward.” Stephanie claps her hands excitedly. “Show me! This is exciting, never had a contractor do this before.” David gets his phone out, pulls up the email, and hands his phone to Stephanie.

Here’s what she reads:

Is Pinon Painting Licensed And Bonded?

We absolutely are. There’s no way we would want to work as a contractor without either of these things. They prove we’re serious about our work. Not only that, but being licensed and bonded also protects you, the homeowner, and we want that more than anything.

We are also licensed to do miscellaneous repairs up to $50,000. We are also insured!

What Is A Contractor License And Do They Need One?

A contractor license basically means a contractor is approved by and allowed to work in whatever state their company is in. A contractor needs a license to do jobs over $1,000.

Licensed vs Unlicensed Contractors

As far as house painting goes, a license represents reputation. Respectable painters will have one. It can also protect you from any legal consequences from a worker being hurt on the job (like from falling off of a ladder).

Having a license shows that a contractor is serious about their work. They’re far less likely to cut corners or have shady business practices.

You’re also protected when working with licensed contractors. They take on the liabilities for the quality of work as well as legal and financial consequences. If an unlicensed contractor does work in your home and it isn’t up to code, you’re responsible.

What Is A Bonded Contractor?>

A bonded contractor is one who’s looking out for homeowners. Being bonded means if their work is fraudulent or unethical, you’re protected. Bonded contractors pay an annual fee.