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This Is The Best Type Of House Paint We Use For Our Client’s Homes

This Is The Best Type Of House Paint We Use For Our Client's Homes

From the painting horror stories we’ve heard, it’s no wonder you want to know what type of paint we use. We don’t use low-quality paint because that hurts everybody in the end. In this post, you’ll discover what type of paint we use here at Pinon Painting. You’ll also find out why we don’t buy from certain places…

Definitely A Low-Quality Paint

“How can you tell it’s a low-quality paint?” asks David. Stephanie starts pointing to certain areas of the wall. “You can see the paint starting to fail in these places, and it’s only been a few years. Also, it’s easier to see wall imperfections compared to other walls in our home.”

“And higher-quality paints last longer and hide imperfections better?” asks David. Stephanie nods. “Among other things. We need to hire another painter, one who uses better paint. I wonder how much it costs to paint a house interior…”

David smiles. “I think I know someone! They were more expensive than who we hired, but they sent over some blog posts for us to read. One was the type of paint they use. Here, let’s take a look.” David finds the email and opens the blog post. Here’s what the couple finds:

The Type Of Paint Pinon Painting Uses For Homes

Usually, we use whatever our client prefers. It’s your home, so while we can make suggestions, the final decision is yours.

Besides that, we typically use high-quality Sherwin-Williams or Dunn Edwards paint. They have great paints and customer service. If something happens they respond quickly, helping us solve any problems faster.

We can also get Benjamin Moore if you want an ultra-premium product. It’s ultra-premium because people recognize it as the best exterior paint. It holds up super well, looks great, and doesn’t fade as quickly as other paints do. This makes it cost $44 more per gallon. But, it’ll look great and should last way longer than other paints.

The Type Of Paint We Refuse To Use

We will not use elastomeric paint. There are many reasons not to use elastomeric paint, like the fact the sun destroys it more quickly than other paints.

Where We Don’t Get Our Paint From

We don’t buy paint from Lowes, Home Depot, or other big box stores. If a problem comes up they’re very slow at handling it. We’ll get forwarded to a regional representative for the entire Southwest region. They also don’t tend to match paints as well as others.

Other paint stores have great employees who’ve been working for years, making them experts. They’ll also deliver paint to the job site.