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The Best Time To Paint a House in Prescott (Monsoon Season?)

The Best Time To Paint A House In Prescott (Monsoon Season?)

The best time to paint a house exterior in Prescott is basically whenever! You want the temperature to be between 35 and 150 degrees. Discover more below.

It’s Now Or Basically Never!

“That’s a touch dramatic, don’t you think?” asks Stephanie. David sighs and closes his eyes. “I mean, yes, a bit, but the monsoon season is coming! We need to have someone paint our house exterior while it’s still a good time.”

Stephanie shrugs. “Around Prescott, the best time to paint a house exterior is almost all of the time.” David looks at her curiously. “What do you mean and where did you learn it?” Stephanie smiles. “I read a blog on a local painting contractor’s website. Wanna check it out?” “You bet I do,” says David, walking over to Stephanie. “We’ll also need to see if they have exterior house painting costs on their website.” She pulls out her phone and pulls up the webpage.

Here’s what the couple sees:

The Best Time To Paint A House Exterior In Prescott

The best time of year to paint a house exterior is when the weather is warm, the humidity is low, and there’s a nice breeze. You want the surface temperature to be about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. You can paint on surfaces that are between 35 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Else To Know About Exterior Painting Temperature

It doesn’t make much of a difference what the temperature you paint in is. Today’s paints dry quickly and well. Plus, you can find paint made specifically for certain temperatures.

If you aren’t sure about the temperature, you can do what we do and use a temperature gun. In Prescott, the weather is pretty perfect for painting year-round. All you really need is dry weather and for it to not be too hot.

How We Paint House Exteriors In Different Temperatures

During the spring and summer months, we work ahead of the sun. We’ll start early in the morning before it gets too hot and finish painting before the sun sets. In the wintertime, we’ll start on the coldest side first so it has more time to dry.

Painting House Exteriors During Monsoon Season

Rain and paint don’t mix very well. That’s why if it rains (or is going to) we paint the sheltered areas. This way you get some work done without worrying about the rain ruining it. Another option is for us to stop before the rain. This gives the paint time to dry.

We may also not work. This is to protect your time and investment.