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The Best Paint and Stain And Primer For Your Exterior Wood Home

The Best Paint And Stain And Primer For Your Exterior Wood Home

Only the best deserves the best, and we think everyone’s the best! We’d love to help you find out what the best materials are to use on your home’s wood exterior. In this post, you can find out what we believe are the best paints, stains, and primers for wood home exteriors. You can also find out which brand of stain we don’t like using and why.

Only The Best For The Best

“This Arizona weather is destroying our wood exterior,” Stephanie moans. David looks up from the food he’s cooking. “Is it? How so?” Stephanie leans against the kitchen counter. “It hasn’t even been that long since we last had it painted and it’s already fading and cracking. It looked as nice as those other local painting and staining projects but now…”

“Maybe they used a lower or bad quality paint like elastomeric paint,” suggests David. Stephanie rolls her eyes. “Yeah, maybe. Before we paint it again I’m going to find out the best paint for exterior wood. Then we can make sure this doesn’t happen again.” Stephanie gets out her phone and starts looking on Google. Here is what she finds:

The Best Paint For Exterior Wood

The best paint for exterior wood is any high-quality acrylic paint with a satin or semi-gloss finish. Acrylic paints are durable and flexible. Flexibility means it’ll expand and contract with the wood as the weather changes from hot to cold and back again.

The best finishes for exteriors are shinier finishes because they’re more water-resistant. This protects your exterior wood from water damage like rot.

The Best Stain For Exterior Wood

The best stain for exterior wood is Flood’s solid stain and Flood’s CWF-UV 5 semi-transparent stain. Their secret is fortifying it with oil, giving it the strong bonding power of oil-based stains and the flexibility of water-based stains. They do still follow EPA regulations with the amount they use.

We’ve been using Flood as our primary stain for 20 years. Flood is a wood care company owned by PPG. The only time we use a different stain is if we don’t have a choice.

But, in our blue skies, it’s not a long-lasting look. Semi-transparent stains need restaining every few years. Solid stains last longer but they will peel after a few years, even if the preparations are perfect. This is one of the differences between staining and painting a home.

The Stain For Exterior Wood We Don’t Like Using

We’ve been noticing Sherwin-Williams’ stains are of lower quality than Flood. It seems like they’ll buy out a staining company to get their formula, and then the quality drops (along with the price). At least, that’s what we’ve seen in the past few years.

The Best Exterior Primer For Wood

We like using oil-fortified primers when painting or staining exterior wood homes. They soak into the wood better, giving it good adhesion. This means the top coat of paint will stick better, giving you a better and longer-lasting look for your home.