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The Best Modern Exterior Paint Colors People Love For Their Homes

The Best Modern Exterior Paint Colors People Love For Their Homes

The modern exterior paint colors for Prescott include natural finishes, browns, and beiges. They look great, as do some other popular colors. See what they look like below.

Just Look Around!

“At what, all the houses?” says Stephanie as she pulls up to a stop sign. David looks over at her from the passenger seat. “Yes. More specifically, the colors. Some of the houses in our neighborhood have new colors. Modern exterior paint colors. Ours does not.”

Stephanie shrugs as she takes the turn. “So? We don’t have to keep up with the Jones’ or be modern. We just have to love where we live.” David raises an eyebrow. “Do you? Or would you rather our house have a different color?” Stephanie sighs as she pulls into their driveway. “Ok, you got me. It’d be really nice to update the color of our home. How do we go about choosing exterior paint colors?”

David pulls out his phone. “We look it up on Google and see what’s going on for our area. We can also look at exterior house painting costs while we do.” Here’s what he and Stephanie discover:

Modern Colors People Are Choosing For Their Home Exterior

The modern exterior paint colors for Prescott include browns, beiges, sage greens, and muted grays. We’ve also had some clients choose other colors like yellows and even a sea-foam green! Most homeowners leave their house exterior the same color. If they do choose another one, it’s usually one that matches the area around the house.

When painting a house exterior you’ll want to use the best exterior paints for our area. This way your house should look better for longer.

Our #1 Tip For Picking A Color

Think about it like picking out clothes you want to wear. We all pick colors we like when we’re looking for clothes. We wouldn’t wear something we don’t like, and neither should your home. If it’d look good on you then it’ll look good on your home.