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Is Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore Paint Better For Your Home?

Is Sherwin Williams Or Benjamin Moore Paint Better For Your Home?

Everyone wants to use the best paint when they have someone paint their home. It looks better and lasts longer than if your painter uses lower-quality paint. In this post, you can find out what’s better when it comes to Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams paint.

Will The Debate Ever End?

“It’s the Heinz vs Hunts all over again,” sighs Stephanie. David frowns at Stephanie. “Heinz is superior, so is Benjamin Moore.” Stephanie frowns back twice as hard. “You definitely just meant to say Hunts and Sherwin Williams.”

Stephanie rolls her eyes. “Look, we’ll never settle this debate this way. Let’s use Google to settle it. We can look up Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams and see which has the better paint.” “Sounds good to me,” agrees David. “Then we’ll see what the best type of paint is.” Stephanie takes out her phone and does some searching on Google.

Here’s what they discover:

Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams As The Best Paint For Your Home

When it comes to Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams, the best paint is either of them. There are some minor differences in one product vs another. Only a professional painter would be able to tell.

What it really comes down to is quality. If you buy cheap paint from either brand, you’ll get a cheap paint job. Buy quality paint and you’ll get a quality look.

Which Brand To Use As A Pro vs Homeowner

There’s no Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams paint here either. As a pro, the best paint brand:

  • Is consistent in how it flows off your brush or roller
  • Has a color tinting system that offers great coverage
  • Has a consistent color from gallon to gallon
  • You can count on the support and knowledge of the people selling it

As a homeowner, the best paint brand:

  • Self-primes
  • Covers great
  • Isn’t too pricey

The best move is to buy the brand that has the product that best fits your project and budget. You may want to save up and get better paint than to paint with low-quality paint.

Why You Don’t Want To Buy Any Other Paint Brand

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams spend a lot of money on research and development. They develop products for just about any need and project.

They’re more expensive than other paint brands because they have a higher quality. Lower quality paints need more coats, which means more labor, time, and money. They also don’t last as long, which means you’ll need to repaint sooner.