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How Much Cabinet Refinishing Costs and What Changes It

How Much Cabinet Refinishing Costs And What Changes It

Cabinet refinishing costs start at $5,800 minimum because of all the equipment it takes, tenting off the area, and how much work it is. Find out more below.

We Can Refinish Them Instead

Refinish them?” asks Stephanie. David nods. “Yep. We’d be changing the finish and maybe even the color too. I don’t know what cabinet refinishing costs but it’s surely better than getting all new ones.”

“That sounds like a great idea! Our cabinets are in good shape so we can definitely do it,” says Stephanie happily. “Let’s go ahead and see if we can find any cost information on Google.” She pulls out her phone and starts searching.

Here’s what she ends up finding:

Cabinet Refinishing Costs

Cabinet refinishing costs are around $5,800 minimum. This kind of project takes a lot of dedication to finish in 2 to 3 days. It also involves a lot of equipment and having to tent the area. Additional costs can include glass door cabinets, refinishing the insides, and more.

$5,800 is about 38 units with each unit being one door or one drawer. This is about average for homes in Prescott. You can ask the painter to do other work on your home if your refinishing project is less than $5,800.

What Can Drive Up The Cost

These raise cabinet refinishing costs because they take extra steps or more materials:

  • Drilling holes for handles*
  • If you have oak cabinets and want to switch to a pigmented finish**
  • Larger kitchens
  • Refinishing the insides of the cabinets
  • Glassdoor cabinets

These raise cabinet refinishing costs because they take extra steps or more materials.

*New cabinets are often installed without handles or pulls. People just grab the lip or edge and pull them open. When we come in to refinish they’ll ask us to help so we drill the holes for them. This makes sure they’re where they should be on the cabinets and drawers.

**A lot of the cabinets in our market are made from oak. They’re more of a golden oak or pickled oak color, which people aren’t fans of anymore. Instead, people want a more painted look. Oak cabinets need two coats of primer to fill in the grain because it’s a rougher texture. The extra coat of primer drives up the cost.