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Elastomeric Paint: Why We Don't Recommend It For The Prescott Area

Elastomeric Paint: Why We Don't Recommend It For The Prescott Area

I feel that elastomeric is a terrible product for our area. Elastomeric is a product that was designed for high humidity climates to keep moisture vapor out. It does work as a moisture barrier as long as the coating remains intact. If any breaks in the coating occur, those become leaks. Once moisture gets in, the elastomeric prevents it from escaping. Then the real damage begins.

Elastomeric is designed as only a 5 year product. The big problem occurs in our climate, when the coating starts to break down and go flat. Once the coating is flat and no longer has its sheen. It will allow moisture to percolate through.

The big difference between elastomeric performance in the greater Prescott market compared to the greater Phoenix market is the freeze-thaw cycle. When you have moisture trapped under elastomeric in the greater Prescott market and that moisture freezes you will have true damage.

Elastomeric lasts longer in humid climates like South Florida and Houston. It will also last longer down in the Phoenix market due to dust and pollution. The dust and pollution down there helps filter out the UV rays. Up here in the Prescott market, we get 300 plus days a year of totally blue sky. The UV rays from that accelerate the oxidation of elastomerics very quickly. Elastomeric is basically liquid rubber. Rubber oxidizes very quickly when exposed to UV rays.

I would also not recommend elastomeric for your block surfaces, for the reasons above.

We get a lot of wind driven rain here. When this happens in the mild season; the water gets absorbed in. Then it evaporates out when the rain stops. The problem is the winter season. If the moisture is absorbed into the surfaces and it freezes, you can get damage. The worst case scenario would be when we get wind driven rain and the temperature falls below 32. Imagine your stucco surface full of water and freezing.

My best system is to apply one coat of water proofer as a barrier. Followed by two coats of top quality, satin, acrylic paint. The satin paint helps to shed the water and prevent the water from absorbing into the stucco. The water proofer is just extra insurance in case the satin finish begins to dull down and allow moisture to penetrate. The water proofer is the final stop.

We spray and back roll all three coats to insure maximum penetration and even coverage. All materials are applied full strength and no water is ever added.

Written by Jimmy Cordier