This Is How Long After Pressure Washing You Can Paint A House

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Knowing This Can Help You Protect The Beauty Of Your Prescott Arizona’s Home Exterior

For 6 months or so, you can start painting about 4 hours after pressure washing a house. Sometimes it has to be the next day or water damage can happen.

Find out why and how we measure the moisture content of home exteriors below-

Don’t Do It!

“Don’t do what?!” Stephanie says stepping back from the house.

David heaves a sigh of relief. “We can’t start painting yet, the house isn’t dry.” Stephanie frowns and touches the rough stucco exterior. “Feels dry to me.”

“That’s just the surface. We need to make sure the actual stucco beneath the paint is dry too. If it isn’t our paint job won’t last long,” explains David. “This is especially true after pressure washing.”

*What to expect when we pressure wash your home

Stephanie’s eyes widen. “That’s right! The painter told us if that happens our paint can bubble up and crack open.” David nods and gets out his phone. “Exactly. Here, check out this post I found that says how long after pressure washing a house can be painted safely.”

He hands the phone to Stephanie, who sees it’s open on a website. Here is what she reads:

How Long To Wait To Paint After Pressure Washing

The best amount of time to paint after pressure washing a house in Arizona is 4 hours to a day. During the hotter, dryer times it takes 2 to 4 hours to dry. The colder months can take up to a full day.

In more humid climates, it takes much longer for the paint to dry. You almost never reach 0% moisture content. This is because the moisture is being pulled into the wood or masonry. 

In Arizona’s drier climate the moisture is being pulled away from the surface. This helps it dry faster. It’s always best to paint in the best weather for painting.

How To Measure Moisture Content

You can use a moisture meter to tell if the exterior is completely dry. The tool has 2 prongs on it that go slightly into the exterior’s surface.

If it reads between 0 and 18% your house is good to paint. Over 18% and it’s best to wait. Some of the stains for raw wood require the surface to be 22% or less.

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“Ok, I got it now,” says Stephanie, handing the phone back to David. “You want to see what other gems of information you can find on there?” asks David. Stephanie nods and keeps looking.