What Is The Best Exterior Paint For Your Stucco Home?

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Don’t Let Anyone Use The Wrong Exterior Paint For Your Stucco Home In Prescott

If anyone tells you the best exterior paint for stucco homes in Arizona is elastomeric, don’t trust them. We’ve seen what happens and it isn’t pretty. Instead, use a 100% acrylic paint that has a certain finish. 

You can find out why in the video and post below:

Why Does It Look Like This?

“The outside of our house looks…dull, almost flat, really.”

Jennifer looks at Mike with a raised eyebrow, asking “What do you mean it looks ‘flat’ hon?” Mike stops to think for a second before answering, “It doesn’t have the same bright look it had when it was new.”

As Jennifer goes outside to take a look, Mike remembers a video he saw about what paint works best for exterior stucco:

Jennifer rushes back inside and over to Mike. “You’re right, what happened to it?! It looked so nice in the beginning and now it looks rundown,” she says breathlessly. “

Mike pulls out his phone so he can search for an answer. He pulls up Google and types in ‘best exterior paint for stucco.’ “I’m going to look up exterior house painting costs too. We should have this painted professionally.”

Here is what he finds.

The Best Exterior Paint For Stucco

The best exterior paint for stucco is a 100% acrylic paint. It’s durable and flexible. It is even better if the paint finish is satin or semi-gloss because they are more water-resistant. Elastomeric paints don’t work very well as the sun causes it to look flat and dull.

“I guess the last guy who painted our house used an elsato…elstato…that kind of paint,” Mike stutters. “Elastomeric paint,” Jennifer says helpfully.

The best paint for a stucco exterior also depends on the climate.

Hot, dry, sunny areas need paint that resists cracking and fading. Areas like this that are more desert-like needs a similar paint that’s also dirt-resistant. Warm, humid areas need a mildew-resistant paint.

“Prescott is mostly dry with low humidity, so it sounds like we need a paint which will work best for that,” Mike points out.

But even if you use the best exterior paint for stucco, it won’t last long if you don’t prepare your walls before you paint.

Why Preparation Is Key

“Without it, the paint won’t work as well.”

Preparing a stucco wall for painting involves making any repairs and power washing.

If you don’t repair it first then those areas will be easy to see. They can also get worse and cause bigger problems. Peeling paint needs to be scraped off first or even the best exterior paint for stucco won’t stick for long.

“That makes a lot of sense,” April says.

The power washing gets the dirt and grime off the walls. Dirt will get between the paint and the wall, which means the paint won’t stick to the wall and will eventually come off.

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“Well, we can hire an exterior painter or try the DIY route,” Mike suggests. April thinks they should hire a painter and Mike agrees. They don’t want to spend the time getting the tools and materials as well as actually painting their house. “Let’s get some more information on house painting first,” suggests Mike.