14 Painting And Staining Projects Done In Prescott Valley And Chino Valley

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These Are Projects Clients Had Us Do So They Can Pull Up To A House They Love The Look Of

Exterior home painting or staining changes how people see and feel about their living space whether it’s a new color or a refresher.

See them below-

That’s A Great Idea!

“Any luck finding a local painter yet?” asks Stephanie.

David sighs. “Not so much. I was looking for ideas and pictures before I did any painter research. Thought it’d be a good idea to know what I wanted our house to look like before reaching out to anyone.”

Stephanie sits next to him on the couch. “And?” David shrugs. “Guess I didn’t find what I was looking for.” Stephanie’s forehead wrinkles as she thinks.

“Well, why not do it the other way?” David looks at her in confusion. “What I mean is, why not look at local painter’s websites first? See if they have a project page or something. Then you can see what their work looks like and if they’re worth hiring.”

David sits up in amazement. “That’s a great idea! We can probably find painting and staining projects local to the Prescott Valley and Chino Valley area. Then we can update our house with one of the popular exterior colors.”

The couple gets their phones out and starts searching on Google. “Here’s one! Got a few different projects, come see,” says David.

Here’s what the couple discovers:

Painting And Staining Projects in Prescott Valley And Chino Valley

These house painting and staining projects are from ones clients had us do. They’re local to Prescott Valley and Chino Valley.

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“These are looking great!” says David excitedly. Stephanie nods a bit. “Yeah, they look really good. Let’s look a little deeper before we get too excited,” she suggests.