How To Paint A Stucco House Beautifully In 7 Steps

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Solve The Mystery Of The Process Of Painting A Stucco House In Prescott, Arizona

Painting a stucco home starts with preparation. Then repair damages, clean, prime, and paint. You’ll want to know the best paint to use too.

Find out all 7 steps and the best paint to use below-

Putting On The Teacher Cap

“Alright Timmy, you ready to learn how to paint a stucco house?”

Rob looks over to make sure he’s paying attention. “This is a client’s house now, not a practice wall, so we need to be extra attentive.” Timmy nods.

“Let’s talk paint first. We use the best paint for exterior stucco. It holds up really well against damage from the sun’s UV rays. It’ll take a much longer time for the color to fade or dull. The sheens we use are more water-resistant too.”

“Sounds good! Now, what’s the painting process? I know we start with proper prep work.”

How To Paint A Stucco House In 7 Steps

  1. Make any repairs
  2. Clean the walls
  3. Protect doors and windows
  4. Lay down drop cloths
  5. Prime (if needed)
  6. Paint with high-quality paint
  7. Seal with high-quality acrylic paint

“Ok! Do you mind going over those steps in a bit more detail?” Timmy asks.

Repairs can include sealing cracks, caulking, and scraping off any peeling paint. Depending on the damage you may need to get a contractor to fix it. 

“It’s because if you paint over damages the paint won’t stick well. It’ll also just look bad,” Timmy says knowingly.

Safely using a power washer is the best way to clean a house. It easily removes years of gook and dirt. Dirt can show up through the paint. It also makes it peel and crack faster.

“And then we use painter’s tape and coverings for windows and sometimes doors. The drop cloths protect any plants and bushes around the house.”

Priming isn’t always needed. It’s mostly for repaired areas.

“And after that, we start painting!” Timmy says excitedly. Rob nods and smiles. “Alright, now let’s go over some other things you may need to know about exterior painting.”

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