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Create A Space That Inspires Success

You’ve got a promising business and the place you’re running it from needs to look appealing and fresh. If your commercial place looks rather dull than pleasant, it will never feel inspiring for your staff. And if your employees don’t feel good about the place they’re working in, your customers will most likely feel it too, and that will slowly but surely affect your business.

There are various ways to change that and the easiest one is going for a fresh coat of paint, which can totally change the vibe of your entire commercial space.

We’re here to make things easier for you so we’ll complete your commercial painting project in a timely manner. This way you can resume your business as soon as possible and prepare it for continued success.

A Place That Works Like A Magnet For Your Potential Customers

Commercial spaces are not cheap. They do take some time to set up and even more time and effort to maintain. Especially if we’re talking big units like hotels or office buildings. You know what they say about first impressions and that’s especially true in the business world.

If you’re running a business then you’ll definitely want your commercial space to make a long-lasting impression and attract customers like a magnet. And one of the easiest ways to achieve that is with a great painting work.

We’ll help you choose the right paint textures and colors for your business place and make sure they blend in perfectly to reflect all elements of your brand. It’s important to build a strong presence in your industry and a vibrant, cohesive statement is a great way to do that.

Large commercial building with white and brown painted walls, large windows, large glass doors, large front alley, and small landscape with little shrubs.

How It Works

Finding the perfect blend of colors to match your brand identity can be a real challenge. We’re here to help you find an approach that suits your business' style best and handle all the painting work for you so that you can focus on growing your business further. Here’s how we do it:

Phone Consultation

Once you reach out to us, we’ll set up a phone consultation where we learn all about your needs and wishes regarding your commercial painting project. We’ll discuss the colors, textures, and finishes, and when we have all the details set, we’ll give you a cost and time estimate.

Paint And Prep

We’ll assess your commercial location for potential flaws in the wall’s surface and address those first before applying any paint. We’ll make sure to use the right kind of paint and finishes for all the different types of surfaces in your commercial building.

Love Your New Commercial Space

You took an important step in transforming your commercial space into a vibrant place that drives creativity, efficiency, and serves as an attraction spot for your potential customers. Make sure you and your team find a moment to celebrate it.

Commercial Painting Prices

We want our customers to be happy and satisfied with all aspects of our work, regardless of their business needs. Therefore, as soon as we start working on your commercial painting project, you may trust us to dedicate our best skills and efforts to create the space that matches your vision best.

Basic Commercial Painting*

$5 - 15k

Includes repaint work for a small building exterior or a building space with 5 to 20 offices.

Average Commercial Painting*

$15 - 80k

Includes repaint work for a medium to large building exterior or a building space with 5 to 20 condos.

High-End Commercial Painting*

$90 - 250k

Includes repaint work for large buildings exteriors like hotels or multiple building complexes.

*Prices above are averages and may change depending on the size of the commercial painting project and your choice of paint colors and textures. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique commercial painting project after the in-house consultation.

Commercial Painting Portfolio

Upgrading your commercial space is a big decision to make and one that will impact your business for the long term. If this is your first commercial painting project and you’re not sure where to start from, we recommend browsing our gallery below for some inspiration on what type of paint colors and textures work best with different scenarios.


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Exterior Painting Projects


Commercial Painting Projects


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Composite Deck Projects

Here’s What Our Customers Say…

We get a great sense of accomplishment seeing a space that was once drab becoming vibrant again. Every word of appreciation makes our work highly rewarding and we can't wait to serve you too.​


The entire team at Pinon Painting is amazing! From the estimate process, to the fair pricing, to the scheduling and the actual service everyone did a great job.

We will hire them again.

Forest Villas Hotel


Jimmy and the Piñon Painting crew are amazing. They painted a commercial building for us and it looks awesome.

His crew showed up on time and were very polite and clean. I would recommend Piñon Painting for all your residential and commercial painting needs.

Thank you Jimmy!!

Scott Dandos

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