You Can Paint Security Doors And Here Is What You Need To Know

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You paint security doors with a powder coat finish or a powder coat hammer finish. The hammer finish costs more but it’s definitely worth it.

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The Fading

“Can’t you see it? Or at least the lack of color?” asks Justin.

Amber cocks her head to the left. “Mmmmm, no, not really.” Justin walks up to the door and points. “Try looking right here.” Amber squints and leans forward. “You’re right!”

Amber walks up to the door. “I can’t believe it. It’s been, what, 5 years since we painted this door? I thought it would last longer than that. I thought the same thing about elastomeric paint, but it turns out elastomeric paint is bad!”

Justin shakes his head. “You paint security doors in Arizona and this is what happens. Maybe the paint isn’t as strong as it needs to be? I’m going to find some answers on Google, see if we can do anything.” He gets out his phone and starts typing into Google.

Here is what he and Amber find:

Can You Paint Security Doors In Arizona?

You can paint security doors in Arizona about 90 percent of the time. Most painters use a powder coat finish or a powder coat with a hammer finish. Both are durable but the hammer finish holds up better and for longer in sunny areas.

Powder coat finishes fade quickly in Arizona’s blue skies. In areas with a lot of sun, the paint will only last about 5-6 years. Powder coats with hammer finishes look better for longer. They also tend to have a main color and minor color instead of just one.

How We Paint Security Doors

  1. Hand sand every nook and cranny very hard
  2. Wipe with a solvent to get off hand oils and such
  3. Mask area around it
  4. Remove the doorknob, deadbolt, and screen if there is one
  5. Paint your security door with 2 coats of an industrial acrylic paint
  6. Put the security door back together

There is one situation where you shouldn’t paint these doors. If the door fits snugly into place any paint will end up sticking. It’s the same as painting behind garage door weather strips.

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“So we need the other finish since this door sees a lot of sunlight,” points out Amber. “Yup. I wonder what else there is to learn on this blog,” says Jason, scrolling down.