NEW ASK JIMMY VIDEO! “What sets us apart?”

People looking to select a professional painting contractor want to know what makes one different from the other, and why they should choose one of the other. Here’s an answer to the question about what sets Pinon Painting apart from other companies.  

Expert Tips for Choosing the Color Palette For Your Interior Painting Project

Painting the interior of your Prescott home can be a fantastically rewarding experience. You and your family have the unique opportunity to express your shared identity throughout your living spaces. After the project is completed, you and your family will more thoroughly enjoy every moment that you spend in your home. One of the most… Read More

Ask Jimmy: How Does The Cold Affect Painting In Prescott?

“When is it too cold to paint?” is a question I am often asked by homeowners. One of the best things about Prescott is the weather, and for the most part, it doesn’t affect us.   Top-of-the-line paints from Sherwin Williams and Dunn Edwards can be applied at temperatures of 35 degrees and warming. And,… Read More

Ask Jimmy: I Want To Know If You Can Paint My Kitchen Cabinets And What’s Involved?

I often get calls to paint kitchen cabinets. Sometimes customers are trying to achieve a new look. Other times they are just looking to freshen up their cabinets. I will address both of these instances with budgets. Let’s handle budgets first. You could remodel your kitchen to get new cabinets. You would end up with… Read More

Why Should I Hire Pinon Painting Over Another Contractor?

Most painters have learned the correct language to use when spelling out a quote. We also know all of the correct steps needed to do a great job. The difference comes in the execution of the actual job. Many of the steps can be overlooked or outright ignored since they are not visible after the… Read More

What Exactly Does Your “Prep” Work Include When Painting The Exterior Of A Home?

Pressure washing the exterior of your home is the first step in our preparation process. The first thing we do is spray a bio-degradable detergent onto the surface. This helps to loosen any dirt or dust that has become bonded to your previous coating. I’m sure that everyone understands how soap helps to loosen dirt… Read More

What Is The Right Care For The Preservation Of My Santa Fe Style Home And Parapet Walls?

One of the more common architectural home styles in Arizona is the “Santa Fe.” While it is beautiful and reflects the feeling of our historical American Southwest, it comes with certain features that when not cared for properly, can become a big headache to the homeowner. Santa Fe style homes need to have their roofs… Read More

Who Makes The Best Paint To Use For The Exterior Of My Home?

I get asked this a lot and top quality paint is a must for any paint job to last. Top quality is not a brand issue. Every paint company offers different grades of paint at many different price points. These different grades of paint are offered for different reasons. Some of the cheaper paints are… Read More

When Should I Have The Exterior Of My Home Painted?

When you should paint your home is different for each home. The answer to this question depends on many different things. When was your home painted the last time? Was top quality paint used? Was the paint watered down? Was the prep work done extensively enough? Was the home washed with detergent? Was the raw… Read More

Prescott House Painting Tips

Choosing colors for your Prescott house painting project may prove to be more difficult than you think. This is because a wrong choice of shade can either make your house appear too subtle or too vivid. The wrong color choice can also lead your house to appear featureless and plain. On the opposite extreme, bold… Read More

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