Painting & Rotted Wood Repair – Can Your Prescott Painter Do This?

When painting, there is often wood damage which must be repaired first. Unfortunately, not all painters have the carpentry experience to handle wood repair. Some will use wood filler to cover the damage. Wood filler can be used indoors in some cases, but it’s best to replace the wood on the exterior of your home… Read More

Interior Painting Tips: 5 Common Color Mistakes In Prescott Homes

When you are looking for the perfect color for the interior of your Prescott home, there is a lot to consider. The right color can really help to define the interior of your home and create focal points in rooms that would otherwise seem barren and featureless. The right color of paint can also highlight… Read More

House Painting Tips & Considerations

If You Are Considering Painting Your House, Here Are Some Tips When it is seen on television, house painting appears deceptively simple, especially in home makeover shows. But in reality, it is a complex job that involves patience, creativity, proper techniques and lots of practice to perfect the craft. Not everyone can just pick up… Read More

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Interior Painting Project

Interior painting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to change up the decor in your home. Once you’ve decided on the perfect color, you’ll want to consider what type of finish would work best in the space you’re painting. Interior paints are available in several different finishes, which are distinguished by their… Read More

NEW ASK JIMMY VIDEO: “What’s different about painting stucco?”

Here’s a short vid from our Pinon Painting Channel on YouTube about how Pinon Painting handles stucco repaint projects. I answer a few good questions in the process that I hope will help! JC

ASK JIMMY: “Can Pinon Painting work with our summer vacation schedule?”

Most people lead busy lives and taking time out for home maintenance projects sometimes gets in the way of leisure and vacation time. Don’t you sometimes wish that you could go on vacation and have everything finished when you get back? Well, you can! Pinon Painting can help you make the most of what little… Read More

NEW ASK JIMMY VIDEO! “How do you know when it’s time to paint?”

This question has been asked before and is one that we get frequently.  Place take a couple minute to look at one of our new Ask Jimmy videos from the Pinon Painting YouTube Channel – this one answering that particular question.

ASK JIMMY: “What is the difference between residential and commercial painting?”

I was asked this week what the biggest difference is between residential repaint and commercial repaint. The answer is…they’re bigger. Well not entirely, but for the most part if it’s a stucco building, it’s the size of the structure. Another difference might be in the roof – most homes have pitched roofs but you’ll see… Read More

ASK JIMMY: “What happens if I see a problem with my paint job a year later?”

At Pinon Painting my standards are the same as if we were painting my own house.  If there is a problem one year, two years, three years down the road, then I want to know about it.  I take pride in the fact that we do superior quality work that lasts.  If something is wrong… Read More

ASK JIMMY: “Is it okay to paint in our really hot weather?”

Customers refer to advice they’ve read online about the wisdom of painting in summertime, and so ask this question frequently.  A lot of “experts” online are not really experts, and more often have no practical experience in the craft.  The paint doesn’t know it is 95 degrees outside. We plan our day to work ahead… Read More

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