Removing Exterior Light Fixtures

When we repaint the exterior of your home, we at Pinon Painting are going to be removing the light fixtures. We want to make sure we get behind there to properly seal these areas to avoid any future rotting or damage. This is also a great time to change or swap out your old light… Read More

How Much of My Plants Should I Cut Back Before Painting the Outside of my Home?

I often get asked by owners, how much of their plants do they need to trim back or what do they need to cut back so we can get our job done. When it comes to plant trimming, a good 4 inches will be enough for us to get our tools in and for your… Read More

What You Need to Know About Peeler Poles

A lot of homes have peeler poles outside of their home. Peeler poles are guaranteed to split as soon as they’re out and exposed, even if they are stained and treated properly, they are going to get splits. Should you fill these, can you fill these? Absolutely not, instead it’s best to try and work… Read More

How to Protect Your Home’s Natural Finishes

Natural Finishes are basically stains like semi-transparent stains. As of 2013, oil based stains are no longer a viable option due to changes in EPA regulations. Semi-transparent finishes have less ultraviolet protection and therefore make natural finishes lose their color much quicker. It is important to coat these finishes before it gets too dry or… Read More

Preparing for Monsoon Season

As monsoon season approaches we get lots of calls from people wanting to make sure they get their houses painted before monsoon season. Monsoon season is something we all need to learn how to deal with. Today’s paints dry very quick; so as long as we have a dry surface to work on, a nice… Read More

Why Leaky Gutters Need to Be Fixed Immediately

99 out of 100 homes have leaky gutters and they cause many problems like mildew, paint splitting and pealing and if the problem goes untreated long enough the wood starts to separate and rot. You owe it to yourself to give your home an inspection during the heavy rains to see what’s happening and through… Read More

How We Test Our Paint Products

Every paint manufacturer and contractor has a product testing wall to expose, test and observe how well different paints hold up making it easier to determine which product is more stable, durable and reliable. Once you have acquired the knowledge from testing your products, it is easier to make an informed recommendation based on your… Read More

Why You Need to Keep an Eye on Your Fascia at the Roofline

There are a few areas on everybody’s home that’ll always start to fail first or give you problems. In particular, those areas where rain, snow and practically everything collects, like the bottom of a door frame or fascia at roofline. Keep an eye on these problem areas as they tend to fail first and may… Read More

Repair or Replace – Making the Correct Diagnosis for Your Drywall

Drywall is a standard material to use for creating interior walls in the home. One reason for this is that it is affordable, including repairs or replacement. However, where Dewey homeowners tend to get confused is when trying to decide if they need just repairs, or if it is time for replacement. Get Real, But… Read More

Exterior Painting Tips For Your Chino Valley Home

Want your Chino Valley home to stand out in the neighborhood? Then make your next exterior paint job your best one yet! With all the options available to you in the modern paint products that are durable and affordable, you can get the results you’re looking for. The biggest obstacle for many homeowners, however, is… Read More

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