When Is It Time to Paint My Home?

Have you taken a survey of your house lately? You might be noticing your paint is slightly less vibrant than what it was when you bought your home. Perhaps the paint is beginning to peel and you’re seeing some holes in your stucco. Maybe you’re seeing some signs of wood rot. How can you avoid… Read More

Taking Care of Window Headers

On Santa Fe style homes, you’ll see thick wooden headers above the windows. You can either paint it a solid color stain or painted, or have a semi-transparent finish. We typically prime it and add two color coats to it. If you prefer the semi-transparent finish, it’s important to mask the window and mask the… Read More

The Issues with Garage Door Weather Strips

We get a lot of calls about deteriorating garage door weather strips. There are a lot of issues that arise with garage door weather strips. The first is that they start to pull from the bottom of the garage. There’s not a lot of framing close to the ground, and there’s not a block of… Read More

What You Need to Know About Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are incredibly high maintenance. It’s important to get them inspected on a regular basis. If your home has a flat roof, it’s crucial to have a roofer inspect it annually. If you own a commercial building with a flat roof, you need a roofer to inspect it at least twice a year. Most… Read More

Why You Need to Seal Up Cracks Around Your Windows

When was the last time you walked around and looked at the outside of your house to monitor the paint job? While you may be well aware of peeling paint on the sides of your home, near your front door, or by your garage, you may be missing a key part of your home that… Read More

Should You Paint Your Wood Ceilings?

There are quite a few homes here in the Prescott area that have wood ceilings. A lot of people ask us what measures we have to take to protect them and keep them in good condition. In reality, your ceilings aren’t exposed to the sun and weather elements like the outside of your house is…. Read More

Why Do You Need to Coat Your Wooden Door?

Do you have a wooden or fiberglass door? It’s critical to maintain your varnish on your doors. Clear finishes break down when exposed to rain, sun or snow. You know your clear finish is starting to break down when it becomes dull; starting from the bottom and working its way up the door as it gains… Read More

Touching Up Woodwork

Your home takes a beating over time. The kids are running around the house, your dogs slam into the walls, your furniture bangs up against your door frames when you decide to move the couch around. Sometimes, you don’t need a full-on paint overhaul. You simply need to touch up some of the paint around… Read More

How to Avoid Water Damage in Your Door Frames

Here in Northern Arizona, we’ve got a little bit of every weather element. We have thunderstorms and heavy rains during monsoon season, snow flurries during the late winter months, and strong winds sporadically throughout the year. All the while, your home is taking a beating! Aside from the exterior of your home, your door frame… Read More

Hiding Exterior Mechanicals

One of the things we like to do when repainting the exterior of a home is hide a lot of the ugly mechanicals such as: outlets, breaker panels, gas meters, pipes, conduits to name a few. We like to hide these by painting them with the base or trim color causing them to better blend… Read More

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