House Painting Tips & Considerations

If You Are Considering Painting Your House, Here Are Some Tips

When it is seen on television, house painting appears deceptively simple, especially in home makeover shows. But in reality, it is a complex job that involves patience, creativity, proper techniques and lots of practice to perfect the craft. Not everyone can just pick up a brush and paint their houses. The results would probably be disastrous. That is why professional painters must be hired for painting jobs in and around the house.

Even if the actual painting will be left in the hands of experts, the colors to be used for the house will be dependent on the owner’s choice. Paint companies offer paint chip samples so that customers can choose from their wide variety of colors. They can also opt to hire design consultants to help them in choosing the perfect color combinations. Bear in mind though, that paint chips are just representations and the actual shades of the paint colors can still vary depending on the paints’ finish, the owner’s walls and the type of light that will be used near the painted wall.

To ensure that the chosen color is the one you’ve envisioned, it is best to get a small can of the shade and then apply it on a section of the wall to be painted. If it is the perfect shade, then a larger size can be purchased next time. If not, then at least, there is only a minimal waste of product.

Manufacturers of paints also offer paint mixing services to mix customized colors for unique shades. Or, if the painter is exceptionally skilled (and we are), then the colors can be mixed by hand to obtain distinctive hues. After a decision is made regarding shade selection and color palettes, then the painters can now proceed to house painting.

But, before any painting can ensue, the areas to be painted should be prepped properly. This means that walls should be scrubbed clean of their dirt, dust, grease and grime.  Door knobs should be covered in plastic sheeting. Heavy canvas drop cloths must be used over floors and painter’s tape must be applied over baseboards and other surfaces to protect it from unwanted paint.

And then, the paintbrushes and paints can finally come out because it is painting time! Painters usually go over the sections of the walls with one coat of paint. After leaving it to dry, they will come back and apply a second or third coat of paint to fully cover the areas with the desired colors.

House painting is a project that must not be taken lightly. It entails time, money and utmost commitment. It must be planned properly so that it can be executed well. Luckily, there are a lot of options available for those who want to improve their homes through color.

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