Ask Jimmy: I Want To Know If You Can Paint My Kitchen Cabinets And What’s Involved?

I often get calls to paint kitchen cabinets. Sometimes customers are trying to achieve a new look. Other times they are just looking to freshen up their cabinets. I will address both of these instances with budgets.

Let’s handle budgets first. You could remodel your kitchen to get new cabinets. You would end up with new countertops, back splashes, floors and in many cases new appliances. This might cost you 30-50 K. You could have your cabinets refaced. This is the first choice if you want to get a new look with a different door style. You can keep your existing counters, back splash and floor. This might cost you 10-15 K. Or I could do one of the following paint choices $2000-$6000.

If your cabinets currently have a natural finish (stained & lacquered), we can go three

different routes. We can prime & paint them for an enameled look. ($2500-$3500) We can prep them & put a fresh clear over them. ($1500-$2500) Or we can prep them, apply a glaze to adjust the color & then clear coat them. ($3500-$6000)

If your cabinets are currently painted: we can repaint them as needed. ($1800-2600)


The prep for any of my choices start out the same.

Remove hinges & handles.

Label doors & drawers to go back in the same location.

Scuff sand all surface to be coated to ensure adhesion.

Solvent wash to ensure all contaminates & hand oils are removed.

Mask off all areas not to be painted. (in many cases there is no need to empty your cabinets)

Enameled ($2500- $3500)

Same prep as above.

Apply 1 coat of Primer.

Sand smooth & dust.

Fill nicks & cracks.

Apply 2 coats of industrial grade acrylic finish.


Fresh Coat of Clear ($1500- $2500)

Same prep as above.

Apply 2 coats of clear finish.


Glaze & Finish ($3500- $6000)

Same prep as above.

Apply a custom glaze to adjust color of cabinets. In many cases this can update your kitchen to give it a higher end look.

Allow glaze to dry thoroughly & apply 2 coats of clear protective finish.

Distress if desired.


Final Prep

Reassemble cabinets & clean up.

Adjust doors & drawers.

Install new bumper cushions.

Install handles or pulls.

If your cabinets never had handles: we can drill & install new handles if you provide them.

Clean up.


* You will be able to close your doors & drawers in 24 hours.

* Avoid wiping down your finish for 30 days.

* If your cabinets are currently painted we will do the same prep as above & prime if needed and apply 2 coats.


* We will spray your cabinets to give a factory like finish in all instances

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