Painting & Rotted Wood Repair – Can Your Prescott Painter Do This?

wood repair prescott painterWhen painting, there is often wood damage which must be repaired first. Unfortunately, not all painters have the carpentry experience to handle wood repair. Some will use wood filler to cover the damage. Wood filler can be used indoors in some cases, but it’s best to replace the wood on the exterior of your home if it is rotting.

Wood rot can be caused by wood destroying insects, leaks, or mold and mildew. You don’t want to patch over a problem like that if you want to see the problem eliminated. Some painters will go ahead and paint over damaged wood. That’s the last thing you want to see happen if you care at all about your property. Just like filler, the paint won’t stop the rotting problem. Rotting wood needs to be replaced by a professional Prescott painter or additional structural damage will occur.

Can your painters do wood repair? If you are looking for an experienced Prescott painting contractor who will fix damaged surfaces right first, call Pinon Painting. We take care of all surface repairs before painting including:

  • Stucco Repair
  • Wood Repair
  • Wood Siding Repair
  • Drywall Repair
  • Minor Carpentry Repair

Exterior Painting & Wood Repair

Exterior wood siding or trim is notorious for rotting because it’s constantly exposed to the elements. The longer the wood is exposed to the elements, the more wood you’ll have to replace.
Rotting wood on trim, soffits, rakes, casings, sills, fascia, crown molding, pilasters, door surrounds, columns, railings, gables, and other areas should be repaired prior to painting. Any wood within eight inches of the ground and any areas that tend to rot easily should be replaced with rot-resistant wood.

After wood repairs, the entire exterior of your home or building should be properly sealed with a long-lasting exterior sealant. The painter should caulk between all wooden structures, especially around windows and doors. Finally, a long-lasting primer should be applied followed by a quality exterior paint. You may want to consider an elastomeric paint coating if you have stucco or wood siding. This provides an extremely long-lasting waterproof protection.

Interior Painting & Wood Repair

Any woodwork or trim in your home should be repaired prior to painting. Minor gouges and scratches can be repaired with sanding or wood filler depending on the size of the damaged area. Indoor woodwork rarely rots, but if it does in places such as the bathroom, laundry room, or around window frames, it should be replaced first.

Drywall should always be patched and repaired before painting or the imperfections will show through after painting is done. Does your painter also know how to do drywall repairs? The bathroom, kitchen and laundry rooms should be caulked with a good waterproof sealant. A quality indoor primer should be used and the surfaces painted with a quality paint.

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