How Much Will My House Painting Service Cost?

Before agreeing to have your Prescott home painted, it is a good idea to get a feel for what the cost would be. Of course, with a range as wide as a low end of $650 and a high end 10 times that amount, it is safe to say there are a lot of factors… Read More

What You Need to Know About Masking Windows

We see it all the time: bad tape jobs for newly constructed homes. You can typically see the results of bad tape jobs around the windows of your home. So what can you do about it? Although most people think it’s easy to just wipe it with a solvent, or scrape it back – it’s… Read More

Can You Paint Security Doors?

In short, yes, we’re able to paint security doors. The powder coat finish is designed to be durable, but it fades quickly with our blue skies and harsh sun. If you are shopping for a security door, splurge for the hammered finish. It’s a little more expensive, but it lasts much longer. Hand sand it… Read More

How to Maintain Parapet Walls

Santa Fe Style homes are probably one of the highest maintenance homes here in Northern Arizona. The surface of the parapet walls absorb heat quickly, causing the paint to go flat quicker than other surfaces. When the paint goes flat, there is no barrier between moisture and the surface. Then it starts to absorb moisture,… Read More

Will My Flowers Get Damaged If You Paint Outside My Home?

In the spring and summer, we see some gorgeous flowers here in Northern Arizona. We know you take a lot of pride in keeping your garden and flower beds cared for. We get asked a lot about whether or not the flowers outside will get damaged from the paint and painters walking around while working…. Read More

How Soon Can You Paint After Pressure Washing?

Before we ever lay a paintbrush onto your home, we always pressure wash your home. We want a nice, clean surface to lay primer on, and pressure washing takes all the years of dirt, buildup, and residue off in a matter of hours. But how long does it take for your home to dry before… Read More

What to Expect When We Power Wash Your Home

Before we paint the exterior of your home, we power wash your home so we have a nice, clean surface to paint. When we wash your house, we’re going to spray a detergent on your home to loosen up the dust, chalk, and the years of dirt buildup. Next, we’ll use the power washer to… Read More

Can I Paint Behind Garage Door Weather Strips?

When you’re overhauling the exterior paint of your home, your garage is most likely going to be repainted, too. All garage doors have a weather strip seal bordering the door, and are often cream colored. Many people ask me, “Can you paint behind my garage door weather strip?” in an effort to avoid having a… Read More

What is Elastomeric Coating?

If you’ve got a stucco home, you’ve probably already experienced, or heard your neighbors talking about the horror stories of their stucco paint job. But it really wasn’t the stucco itself that caused excessive peeling, bubbling, and cracks. There was a period of time where builders specified elastomeric coating on homes here in Arizona. Specifically,… Read More

When Is It Time to Paint My Home?

Have you taken a survey of your house lately? You might be noticing your paint is slightly less vibrant than what it was when you bought your home. Perhaps the paint is beginning to peel and you’re seeing some holes in your stucco. Maybe you’re seeing some signs of wood rot. How can you avoid… Read More

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