What’s Involved With Painting Stucco?

Here in the Prescott area, stucco homes are extremely popular. While stucco holds up well, it’s got its own issues, just as wood does. If you’ve noticed some minor cracking, bubbling, or peeling, it’s probably time to consider re-painting your stucco home.

We’ll start with prepping your home. We’ll make sure any cracks are sealed and any other minor repairs are taken care of before we move onto cleaning the surface. Then, we’ll power wash your home to get the years of gook and dirt off so we have a clean surface ready to take paint. Next, we’ll put our high quality paints on there to make sure the surface is even coated. After that, we’ll seal up the paint with high quality acrylic to prevent UV ray damage for years to come.

If you’ve got questions about repainting your stucco home, give us a call! We’d be happy to help you out!


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