What is Elastomeric Coating?

If you’ve got a stucco home, you’ve probably already experienced, or heard your neighbors talking about the horror stories of their stucco paint job. But it really wasn’t the stucco itself that caused excessive peeling, bubbling, and cracks.

There was a period of time where builders specified elastomeric coating on homes here in Arizona. Specifically, Santa Fe style homes. However, elastomeric coating isn’t created to be a long-lasting coating with our intense Arizona sun. If it was put on properly, with a full coat of primer, and two coats of elastomeric, you might have been able to extend the life of your stucco. Unfortunately, when elastomeric coating was being used in this area, almost every time, there was no primer being used and there were two thin coats of elastomeric coating being applied. This greatly increased the risk of cracking, and inviting in water damage.

Elastomeric was designed to be flexible for about five years, under very good climate conditions. Ideally, elastomeric would be used in homes where there’s high humidity, or gray skies. Ultra violet (UV) rays destroy the elastomeric coating. Essentially, elastomeric coating is liquid rubber. Liquid rubber oxidizes under UV rays, and under UV rays, it becomes brittle. When it’s brittle, the rubber loses its flexibility and the paint becomes flat. When the paint becomes flat, the water penetrates the surface and stays there, building up water balloons.

Over time, the water balloons get bigger, and cause bubbling and cracking as they grow. Once they burst, it causes the paint to shatter from the inside out. If left alone, it can cause enough water damage to demand a complete re-stucco.

So what happens if you’ve already seeing bubbles on the exterior of your home? If you’ve got bubbles on two or three sides of your home, it may be time for a complete re-stucco to avoid more costly

If you’ve got bubbles on two or three sides of your home, these are pretty good indicators it’s time for a complete re-stucco. In any case of bubbling and cracking, make sure you call in a professional to evaluate the situation and offer solutions to immediately address the problems. It’s important to catch this sooner, rather than later to avoid costly repairs.

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