Why Are My Peeler Poles Cracking And How Do I Fix Them?

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This Is What We Tell Our Clients In Prescott, Prescott Valley, And Chino Valley, Arizona When They Call To Ask Us To Take Care Of Their Splitting Peeler Poles

Don’t worry! If your peeler poles are cracking or splitting there’s nothing to worry about. We can tell you what to do and why you shouldn’t worry.

In this post, you can find out why peeler poles crack. You can also find out if these cracks are dangerous, if you should fill them in, how to treat them, and more.

This Is Bad!

“David! Something’s wrong with our peeler poles,” calls out Stephanie, voice rising.

David walks out of the front door. “What’s going on, oh,” he stops short. “Are those…cracks in our poles?” he says.

Stephanie nods. “Those are and it can’t be good. We need to call the manufacturer or whomever ASAP!” David pulls out his phone from his pocket.

“Or we can start by Googling this and seeing if it’s a problem, like with how to maintain parapet walls. I feel like we’ve seen this on our friend’s homes before and they haven’t fallen over yet,” says David.

Stephanie nods as David starts Googling, worry lines forming on her forehead.

Here’s what David finds and shares with Stephanie:

Why Are My Peeler Poles Cracking?

Wood cracks when it dries. Arizona is a dryer area than many other places, so wood tends to dry out and crack more quickly.

In our areas, this cracking usually happens in 2 to 3 months. This is even for peeler poles with proper staining and treatment.

Are Cracks In My Peeler Poles Dangerous Or Bad?

Wood cracking isn’t dangerous. The poles aren’t becoming less structurally sound, they’ll still hold up roofs, decks, and more.

These cracks in your peeler poles are like wrinkles in a shirt. They don’t hurt the material or the wearer (in this case, your house).

It can be bad if you don’t stain the interior of the cracks. Moisture can still get in there and cause damage. Staining them helps slow this process down.

Should I Fill The Cracks In My Peeler Poles?

Filling the cracks in peeler poles is one of the worst things you can do.

What’ll happen is you’ll fill the cracks, the cracks will eventually widen, and the fillings will fall out. Then moisture gets in, the pole starts rotting, and you now have bigger problems to deal with.

How Should I Treat The Cracks In My Peeler Poles?

We try to get a wood stain as deeply into the crack as possible. It helps seal the wood. It may run deep enough to where nobody can completely stain the crack’s interior.

What we always do, and recommend, is add caulk to the base of the peeler pole. This keeps moisture out of the base of your peeler pole, preventing damage.

Staining Your Peeler Poles

We always stain peeler poles with 2 coats of stain the first time. After that, it depends on how it looks.

Oftentimes we see peeler poles where one side is fading more and looking dryer than the others. This is because one side gets more sun than the others.

In this case, we’ll stain the more faded, dried side with 2 coats and the rest with one. This provides plenty of protection and more even coloring.

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“Ok, so we just need to get our painting contractor out here,” sighs Stephanie in relief. David nods. “That’s the plan. Maybe we should look around this blog some more. Might find some other things we can ask him to look at.”