How Far Back Should I Cut My Plants Before Painting My Home Exterior?

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How Far Back Should I Cut My Plants Before Painting My Home Exterior?

This Is The Best Measure For Cutting Back Your Plants Before Exterior Painting So They Stay Safe

One concern homeowners have when getting their exterior painted is painters crushing their plants or getting paint on them.

In this post, you can find out how far back to cut them so they stay safe but still look great!

How Can We Keep Our Plants Safe?

“The painters are coming in a few days and our plants our plants need trimming!” says David.

“Well, how far back do we need to trim them?” asks Stephanie. David frowns. “I’m not sure. We don’t want to not trim them enough. They might get hurt by ladders and feet. We also don’t want to trim them too far either.”

Stephanie nods. “Yeah, we don’t want to scalp our plants. Let’s look on Google and see what other people did. Or if a painter has any recommendations.”

David nods as he takes his phone out to do a Google search.

Here’s what he finds out:

How Far Back Should I Trim My Plants Before Exterior Painting?

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We recommend trimming your plants back by 4 inches before painting a home exterior. It’s enough room for our painting tools and us. It also makes it safer for your plants. They’re much less likely to get paint on them or get hurt.

The extra room allows us to put plastic or drop cloths behind it. This is what any stray paint will land on instead of the plants.

The distance also keeps the plants from brushing against the wet paint. It keeps the paint off of your plants and keeps your plants from possibly messing up the new paint.

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“4 inches? That’s great!” says Stephanie happily after David passes on the information. “Then how about you call our landscapers about it while I keep digging around this blog. Might find some more good info.” Stephanie nods and the couple gets to work.